The team from Southern African Community USA and Southern African Connection
The team from Southern African Community USA and Southern African Connection (L -R) Mimmy Polan, Rachel Nghiwete, Thoko Kachipande (host), Gaynor Khan (host), Sitinga Kachipane, Cassandra Sibanda and Omega Tawonezvi

Southern African Connection is an independent and self-governing initiative of  Southern African Community USA (SACU), its primary sponsor. SACU is a Maryland-based registered non-profit that promotes and unifies Southern African communities, and informs others about Southern Africa. 

We support SACU’s mission to unite Southern Africans in the USA and increase the visibility of the region and its people. As the only show and website that focuses exclusively on Southern Africa, Southern African Connection plays a unique role in the community.

Southern African Connection serves as a leading voice for local community members and members of the diaspora, and offer a valuable resource to individuals or organizations who have an interests in Southern Africa, its peoples, and its cultures. Although the show is based in the national capital area, its reach goes beyond Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia–it reaches national and international audiences.

If you would like to sponsor the show, in support of this unique initiative or in exchage for advertisement, please contact info@southernafricanconnection.com.  






Creative Work Sponsors

Logo: our logo is courtesy of Freelance Graphic Designer, Tara Thindwa of T & T Design Studio.

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Introductory Theme Director: Our Introductory production is courtesy of Edgar Epalanga of World Film Studios Entertainment


Becoming a Sponsor

The show is looking for new sponsors in order to continue to provide the exciting coverage to you online and and on air. If you would like to find out more information about being a sponsor, send an e-mail to: southernafricacommunity@gmail.com