Production Team

Producer: Rachel Valentina Nghiwete, Namibia

Rachel Valentina Nghiwete   is a business woman who was born in Angola by Namibian parents, and raised in England and the USA. She attended American University in Washington, DC, where she attained a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion Management. She is passionate about Southern Africa and is a founder the non-profit organization, Southern African Community USA (SACU). She is also the founder of Southern African News (online newspaper). She has produced two TV shows: Cheza (Dance) TV Show and The Wellness TV Show in the DMV area. Twitter Buttons

Assistant Producer: Omega Tawonezvi, Zimbabwe

Omega Tawonezvi  is interested in economic development and improved healthcare access & outcomes for Africans in the diaspora and Africans on the continent. She is an executive member of Southern African Community in USA (SACU) and blogs on African issues on Africaontheblog, a Guardian Africa Network affiliate. Omega holds advanced degrees in Business Management and International development from the University of Maryland System. Twitter Buttons

Project Manager: Sitinga Kachipande, Malawi

Sitinga Kachipande was born in Malawi. She has worked in the non-profit sector. She worked as a social media intern and made announcements for “Africa Now!” radio show. She served on the board of the Malawi Washington Association. She is the co-founder of the African Students Association at Truman State University. She has a BSc in Anthropology and Sociology, a Masters in Pan African Studies and an MBA. She is currently a PhD candidate in Sociology with a specialization in Africana Studies. She blogs on African issues at Africaontheblog and rebrandAfrica. She is a contributor to Pambazuka News and Think Africa PressTwitter Buttons

Production Assistant: Lisa Netha, Namibia

Lisa Netha is passionate about Africans accepting each other regardless of the African country they come from. She is contributing to ensuring this happens as a Co-founder of the Southern African Community in the USA. She has been involved in poverty alleviation projects in the USA and in Namibia. She has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. She also has a Master’s degree from Middlesex University in United Kingdom.

Studio Volunteers:

Virgil Bryant, USA

Martin Dale, USA

Woody Everett, USA

Happy Garcia, USA

Sean Morris, USA

William Roberts, Liberia

Francine Smith, USA

Roy Thigpen, USA




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