Mission and Vision

Team 3 - Media

Mission Statement

Southern African Connection is a community television show with a mission to provide a platform where Southern African issues, events, and information are communicated through innovative programming, on air and online. Our show covers Southern African events, communities, peoples, and places through a uniquely Southern African flavor. It provides viewers interested in Southern Africa with educational and entertaining programming that is focused on the region and members of the diasporas. The show's purpose is to connect Southern Africans and Americans, while fostering cultural awareness and engaging audiences.


To be the leading media voice for Southern Africa in the USA.


Our objectives are to:

  • Be the leader in providing quality programming on Southern African in the D.C. area.
  • Providing exclusive and unique programming on Southern Africa.
  • Cover a wide variety of topics and events on Southern Africa.
  • Showcase Southern Africa on television and online.
  • Educate Southern Africans and Americans about Southern Africa.
  • Support the mission and vision of Southern African Community USA (SACU).