The Connection at First Miss Tanzania USA Pageant

The First annual Miss Tanzania Pageant was held on November 30, 2013. Photo Credit: Vlado,

The First annual Miss Tanzania Pageant was held on November 30, 2013. Photo Credit: Vlado,

On Saturday, November 30th, Southern African Connection attended the first annual Miss Tanzania USA pageant which was held in the Washington D.C area. The pageant was founded by Ms. Winney Casey in order to “The pageant goal is to help young Tanzanians girls in the U.S achieve and perform to their full potential via a successful education and personal growth thus laying a strong foundation for them as future productive members and leaders of the Society.” Therefore it aims to showcase beauty, talent, esteem, and philanthropy amongst Tanzanian women in the Diaspora. It is also a way from Tanzanian women to keep connected to Tanzania as well as network with each other.

The event was well attended by the Tanzanian community as well as other Africans and Americans. It featured 10 contestants at the show from different parts of Tanzania. Southern African Connection’s host Gil Ingles was one of the presenters during the glitzy event that night. At the end of the night, the first Miss Tanzania USA winner, Joy Kalemera was crowned as the beauty Queen. Kalemera both represented beauty and brains – she¬† is a Chemical Engineer who recently graduated from Drexel University. She truly embodies the vision of the organization that aims to “become the largest single source of scholarship funds for¬†Tanzanians young women in the Diaspora.” Kalemera was thrilled to be chosen as this years winner and we wish her all the best.

The Connection was there to experience all the action. Our guest host, Lisa Netha, caught up with the contests and organizers during and after the show. Netha also managed to get some exclusive behind-the -scenes footage with local celebrities, Tanzanians that attended, and Ghanian celebrity Koby Maxwell, who also performed live during the event. The Connection looks forward to next years show!

Miss TZ flier

Miss Tanzania event flier showing contestants.